How I’ve Changed My Life

The biggest change I’ve made in the last couple of months involves my nutrition. When I started working out over a year ago I tried to tell myself that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I did my workout for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I was still losing weight but I wasn’t gaining the muscle mass that I wanted and I definitely wasn’t burning fat as fast as I wanted to. This type of lifestyle let me slip back into my old eating habits way too easily, and it also let me convince myself to not workout. 

About six to eight months ago I started logging my calories in my Fitbit app on my phone. I started running a deficit, but I still wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted. Just counting calories allowed me to fit unhealthy foods into my day, so even though I was watching what I ate, my macros were way out of wack. In order to see the change I wanted, I knew I had to change the standard I held myself to. I had to make a commitment to myself to honor my body enough to make healthy choices over the easiest choices.

About two months ago I made another big change. I started taking supplements and watching my macros. Fitbit had come out with a new update that included tracking macro nutrients. I didn’t start out wanting to overhaul my diet, but after seeing how skewed my macros were I knew something had to change. I started focusing on my protein sources and planning my meals ahead when I could. I still let myself indulge. If my fiance and I go out to eat I still eat my favorites, but I make sure that I am still eating foods that nourish my body. 

On of the other ways I was able to change my results more dramatically in the last couple of weeks was by including supplements. Pictured above are the main supplements I use. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder in high school it is very important that I stay away from any “get quick results” products. I don’t take any sort of diuretics, thermals, or fat burning products. I only wanted to take products that would truly supplememt my body, not purge things from it.

On a normal day I drink two protein shakes by Aria Protein. I drink these as snacks between meals. I do not use these as meal replacements. Sometimes if I haven’t had enough fat in my day I will add a tablespoon of PB2 to either flavor.

Everyday I have at least one serving of Aminos, or Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). I use BPI brand powdered Aminos. I currently use two types of BCAAs, one that has added energy and one that doesn’t. I will use the energy version before a workout and the plain version after a workout.

I also have a pre-workout, but I will only take it before gym workouts if I’m really feeling sluggish. This stuff is really powerful so I only use half a scoop if I use it.

I never thought that I would be the type of person to take workout supplements. It wasn’t until one of my idols, Fallon Taylor, started talking about these types of supplements. She and her squad made a good point when they said that we feed our barrel horses the best supplements to keep them in top shape, why shouldn’t we treat our bodies the same way? In order for my horse to work the best she can I have to be able to ride the best that I can, and that comes with being in the best shape I’m able to be in.

I started this journey to look awesome in my wedding dress, but now it’s more than that. Now I just want to get into the best shape of my life and be the healthiest I can be.


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